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Moon Basement Remodeling

Whether you have an unfinished basement that you use mainly for storage or you spend hours downstairs in your finished home theater, the square footage underneath your feet has an important role to fill in the structural integrity of your home. Therefore, you should never attempt any basement improvement projects without the proper training, tools, and advice.

By hiring the experts of Keystone Basement Systems, you can ensure that all of your basement services will be handled professionally. Our BBB-accredited company has earned many accolades over our 15 years of providing Moon homeowners services that include:

Beautiful Options for Your Finished Basement

Why overlook an opportunity to add more living space to your home? When you choose the contractors of Keystone Basement Systems to finish your basement, we can help you design your ideal room. From man caves and craft rooms to a gleaming new bar or kitchen, we have the materials and tools to transform this space into the finished basement you’ve always wanted.

Quick and Effective Foundation Repairs

Over time, the foundation in your home can start to crack or shift. Not only can this cause unsightly damage and allow water to leak into your home, it can also expose the entire support system of your property to the risk of deterioration. In order to stop and reverse the problem, we complete a 68-point foundation inspection that allows us to determine the most effective stabilization, repair, and replacement solutions.

Highly Trained Basement Waterproofers

Even the smallest accumulation of moisture can eventually cause water damage to your home, so investing in quality waterproofing services can save your basement from costly and hazardous problems. Whether the source of your issues originate on the interior or exterior, you can trust that your project is in good hands with our basement waterproofers that know the most effective methods for any circumstances.

Professional Floor Leveling Made Easy

If left untreated, a shifting foundation can actually cause your steel floor joists to bend. While a slight bend may not be a big deal, continued warping over time can cause all of the floor surfaces above your basement to sag. Fortunately, we know how to test the integrity, strength, and condition of your beams so that we can make the necessary repairs or replacements. We can even raise the joists to provide more level support across your floors.

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