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Keystone Basement Systems Q&A

When is a foundation crack serious?

The seriousness of a crack depends on the location, size, and a number of cracks, or if your home has other structural issues. A large number of homes have cracks in their foundation and the older a home gets, the more likelihood of cracks appearing.

Cracked foundations can lead to framing issues, roof issues, problems with doors and windows, and even leaks in basement walls. 

Can a Stone Foundation Really Be Waterproofed?

Absolutely yes, but it comes with a higher degree of difficulty.  You will need to use a true expert company because you will need them to have a high degree of expertise and high quality standards.  As with al fields and sectors, these companies are the exception and not the rule.  Keystone is the highest rated and most rated company in western Pennsylvania, so this is exactly who we are.

Can I sell my house if the basement leaks?

Although it is certainly possible to sell your home with an active foundation defect, it is suboptimal. The National Association of Realtors states that an untreated foundation problem can reduce the fair market value of a home by a staggering 10%-15%. In most cases that is double or triple the repair costs.  Even worse, two thirds of buyers state that they will not even bid on a home with an active foundation defect.  So in the end, not only is it cheaper to fix the problem than not to, it is far easier to eventually sell a home that has been repaired.  

Do I need a dehumidifier?

A lot of people ask what a dehumidifier can do for them. Here are some reasons you might want to get one.

There's a musty smell in your home

When you walk into your home, you want it to smell clean and fresh. A dehumidifier will dry out the air and take away the moldy smell.

There is condensation on your walls, pipes, or windows

Condensation indicates the humidity in your home is too high. If you continue to let the condensation occur, it will deteriorate the framing, wood, and structural components of your home.

You or a family member has lots of allergies

A dehumidifier could provide some relief from allergies stemming from mold, mildew, and dust mites. The dampness is what creates the environment for them to thrive. A dehumidifier can improve your air quality.

Do I Need a Sump Pump?

If water in your basement is an issue, you likely need a sump pump.

The main function of a sump pump is to capture and discharge unwanted water from your basement to a more desirable.  An effective sump pump can determine whether or not your home is protected from flooding, standing water, or any other source of intruding water that can enter your home.

Our TripleSafe sump pump system can protect your home with 3 effective pumps in one liner. The first pump is an effective pump that will do most of the work. The second pump is higher in the liner and automatically turns on if the first pump cannot keep up. The third pump is a battery-powered pump that makes sure the sump pump protects your home even if the power goes out.

How Can I Get the Mold Smell Out of My Basement / Crawlspace?

Mold can thrive anywhere there is moisture and organic material (like wood) that it uses as a 'food' source. That makes a crawl space an ideal haven. Encapsulation and dehumidification are the keys to getting rid of mold problems and their accompanying smells. Our CleanSpace vapor barrier will protect your crawl space from moisture coming in through the walls and floor in your crawl space. Adding a Sedona High Performance Dehumidifier takes care of any remaining ambient moisture, which makes your crawl space inhospitable to mold.

How to Repair a Sinking Concrete Patio or Sidewalk

There are several ways to approach fixing a sinking concrete patio and every repair is different depending on a number of factors. To find out what solution is right for you, call the experts at Keystone Basement Systems to receive a free estimate.

Is Foundation Repair Expensive?

The best way to spend the least amount of money over the life of a decision is to hire a company with a superb understanding of what caused the problem, what repair options are available, the expertise to chose the right solution for the circumstance and the technical mastery to ensure the repair method is installed correctly to last the life of the home.  In short, a quality solution installed by a quality company will be the least expensive over time.  


Where people make mistakes is thinking the only time you could pay for a repair is when you sign a contract.  But what if it is the wrong method? What if it is installed incorrectly? What if the company is out of business?  34% of all the work we do is replacing previous attempts to solve a problem.  That’s 1 out of 3 homes we visit!  Usually the homeowner picked the cheapest proposal and lived to regret it.  Remember that there is a difference between price and cost.  Price is what you pay today.  Cost is what you pay for the life of the decision.  Keystone is almost always the lowest cost over the life of the decision.  This is no different from buying a quality car, even though the initial price is usually more the day you buy it…but it saves you over time.


Additionally, we have financing plans with comfortable low monthly installments.  Give us a call today at (800) 771-3244 for more information.

What Are Signs of Foundation Failure?

Some signs that you should be on the lookout for are as follows:

1. Cracked, crumbling, or compromised foundations- Start by checking the foundation itself. Walk the inside and outside wall of the property and check for signs of Fractures or cracks, crumbling or flaking concrete, moisture or pools of water, sagging floors or walls, and gaps.

2. Shifting soil and water damage- Shifting soil is a common cause of foundation problems. The natural movement of soil can put immense pressure on a foundation not created specifically for its conditions. The soil will often shift in uneven or graded zones, or because of water damage. If you live on a high grade, keep an eye out for shifting soil. Also, check your home premises for damp or wet areas that should be dry. it may indicate a water leak that could lead to foundation damage.

3. Gaps in walls or the foundation- Keep an eye for gaps in paces where the walls, floor, or ceiling should meet flush. These gaps can also appear on the outside of a home and can indicate shifting soil or foundations.

4. Drooping floors or warped ceilings- Although some settling is normal, excessive drooping of the floor, walls, or ceilings can be a sign of foundation problems. these often result in: Cracks in the walls, Warped or shifted areas, Water damage.

5. Door or windows that don't fit- When doors or windows begin to fit too tight or loose, it may be a sign of foundation issues. if you can't fit a door or window to its hinge snugly, there may be an issue. These issues can even affect garage doors, vents, and other wall fittings.

What Kind of Company Should Be Called for Water Seepage in My Basement or.Crawlspace?

A waterproofing company should be called for water seepage in your basement. Keystone Basement Systems has been waterproofing basements for over 19-years, and we offer free estimates. Our system design specialists determine the cause of the seepage and design a solution to keep your basement dry all the time.  Most importantly, ALL of our work is guaranteed!

When Should I Fix the Crack in My Foundation?

While it may be easy to put off fixing that crack in your foundation wall (especially if there is no sign of leaking water), you should not wait too long to have the crack inspected. Soils on the outside of the foundation wall may be settling or adding pressure to your walls, and eventually will lead to larger issues. 

There is no better or cheaper time to fix your foundation, then now. As the crack gets bigger and the problem increases, the cost of repairs will only go up. 

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