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Pittsburgh Foundation Repair

Do you know the warning signs of foundation damage? Buckling walls, cracks, water intrusion, white powder on basement walls, and mold and mildew are some of the signs that your Pittsburgh home could need foundation repair services. Several factors can contribute to foundation issues, but one thing is common to all: ignoring the problem for long will inevitably lead to further damage.

Since 2003, Keystone Basement Systems has offered top-rated Pittsburgh foundation repair services. We are certified by the Basement Health Association—a designation held by only 1% of basement contractors in our area. Our comprehensive services include any type of basement work you may need.

Warning Signs You Need Basement Waterproofing

Too often, homeowners believe that if there are no easily visible signs of foundation damage, their home does not need waterproofing. Unfortunately, once there are visible signs, such as water in the basement, a substantial amount of damage may have already been done. Understanding the four stages of basement problems will help you assess the damage to your own basement.

Water on Basement Floor

Puddles of Water on Basement Floor

Cracked Basement Walls

Cracked Basement Walls

Bowed Foundation Walls

Bowed Foundation Walls

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