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Pittsburgh Floor Leveling

Have you noticed that the living space floor level above your basement is starting to sag? A failing foundation and/or sagging floor joists could be the problem. Instead of worrying while the problem worsens, you’d be well advised to take immediate action by hiring a team of professional contractors to complete a floor leveling project.

While there is no shortage of Pittsburgh contractors who offer this service, few are as familiar with the causes and most effective remedies as Keystone Basement Systems. With over 15 years of floor leveling experience, you can be sure that our BBB-accredited company can deliver an effective and affordable solution.

Repairing and Raising Joists for a Level Living Space Above Your Basement

If you have noticed or you suspect that your sinking foundation is causing your floor joists to bend and sag, our experts can come to your home to assess the integrity of its structure. As part of our 68-point foundation inspection, we take a close look at the condition and strength of the joists, as well as all of the other components involved. From there, we apply our knowledge and years of experience to recommend the best solution for you.

The following are just a few of the techniques we can use to once again make your floor level in the living space above your basement:

  • Raising Joists: If the strength and condition of your foundation test okay, we can simply lift the joints to accommodate the sagging foundation.
  • Replacing Joists: For beams that are rotting from water damage or cracked from severe bows, we’ll acquire the necessary permits to replace them.
  • Repairing Joists: We can also make repairs to joists if we find their condition to be good enough for continued use in your home.

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