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Whew, poor Randy, rep for Keystone. My mother and put him threw heck with all our questions, three hrs later we are satisfied with what was presented to us. I was initially dead set on interior French drain since we had an exterior installed 35 yrs ago, but noticed failure of this system approx, 3 yrs ago. Randy educated me on cost of excavation. I showed him our original French drainage bill (35 yrs ago) of $875.00, well add two more zeros to the old amt and that is what it will cost today. External was not an option. While the cost of external system is cost prohibited, we still did not have to go with this company for an internal system. I, like a lot of people, look at online reviews and that is why this company was giving us estimates. I liked what I saw in reviews, liked it even better after talking with Randy. He is an educator, Randy worked together in with to come up with solutions to fix our garage and laundry room water seepage. Randy checked our garage floor for moisture. The meter read 90% I saw Randy's eyes almost pop out of his head. Some of our basement walls were reading 60 to70% Randy pointed out the thin cracks in the garage floor and stated they were from hydrostatic pressure. Randy and I walked the perimeter of the yard to see where sump pump water would be dicharged. I also asked if they did surface drainage in yards since an area of the yard has standing water during and after a hard downpour. I asked Randy if they could use a goetextile material that enveloped the pipe and stone, ( like the effect when you make a burrito) and what size stone was used. Randy stated that is exactly how they do it. Randy got the answer when he called Mike at the company fore the stone size the company uses. I spoke directly to Mike who stated they use riverwalk stone. From my past experience, riverrock stone is on the high end of price point for stone material and told Mike just that., Mike stated that yes it was but this type of stone would not cut the fabric over time. Hmm, another plus. My other big concern was if when doing internal system, if they damage anything, would they accept resonsibilty and make repairs. Mike and Randy stated yes and that their liability they have covers this type of situation. What Keystone will not cover is if a pipe is so brittle that it crumbles, then Keystone will not honor these types of issues. After all was said and done, the decision was made to hire this company. The cost of the system is not cheap, but it is a lot cheaper than$ 87000.00. We are waiting to get a final date for starting, we are six weeks out and will give updates once job is done. Randy is very good at what he does, patient and informative, it was a pleasure

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