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Cranberry Township Basement Remodeling

If you’d like to extend the lifetime of your home in Cranberry Township, the best place to start may be below your feet! After decades of settling and weather exposure, your home’s foundation and basement may no longer be as level or water-resistant as they once were—leaving you vulnerable to structural damage, mold, wood rot, and other serious problems. To prevent potential damage and make your below-ground areas more comfortable and functional, call Keystone Basement Systems today!

With BBB accreditation, Basement Health Association certification, and more than 15 years of experience, we offer a wide variety of basement and foundation services in Cranberry Township:

Block Out Water with Interior and Exterior Basement Waterproofing

Keystone Basement Systems has served as premier basement waterproofers in Cranberry Township since 2003. Unlike many local contractors, we offer completely customized plans for both interior and exterior basement waterproofing—ensuring that each of our clients gets a system that can withstand their unique property conditions. From French drains and waterproof membranes to sump pumps and foundation coating, our basement waterproofing solutions are backed by a lifetime transferrable warranty for complete peace of mind!

Enjoy Life at Home in a Beautifully Finished Basement

Instead of seeking out multiple contractors for your basement waterproofing and finishing, call on Keystone Basement Systems! We’re proud to be a one-stop shop for all kinds of basement utilization services, helping your family make the most of your home’s full square footage. Thanks to our exclusive Keystone Smart Wall System®, you’ll enjoy a finished basement that is:

  • Mold-resistant
  • Exceptionally insulated
  • Quickly installed
  • Affordable

Trust Our Cranberry Township Contractors for Expert Foundation Repairs

If your home’s foundation needs to be repaired before waterproofing or finishing, our skilled contractors are here to help. Beginning with a free 68-point inspection, we’ll identify the root causes of any foundation issues and then work with you craft the foundation repair solution that’s as affordable and minimally invasive as possible. As with all of our basement finishing and waterproofing services, you’ll enjoy a transferrable lifetime warranty that includes 5-year inspections—for free!

Request Your Free Quote for Cranberry Township Basement Waterproofing, Finishing, or Repairs

From minor repairs to major spatial makeovers, Keystone Basement Systems would love to help you optimize the form and function of your Cranberry Township basement. Call our Pittsburgh basement experts today to learn more about our comprehensive expertise, or request your free 68-point inspection and cost estimate by submitting our easy online form now!