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Upon discovering we had an issue, we contacted four different companies to discuss possible solutions and get estimated prices. Jeff, with Keystone Basement Systems (Keystone), was the first person / company that we spoke to. Jeff was extremely thorough in his investigation of our problem, explanation of a recommended solution and what the price would be and include. Before the second, third or fourth company could even visit, we received a follow-up call from the owner of the company, Aaron, asking if he could also stop by to look at our issue. He wanted to see if he could offer any additional advice or do better on pricing. We purposely scheduled Aaron’s visit to take place after the fourth estimate because we wanted to see what else was out there and evaluate all the information collected prior to meeting with Keystone again. Going into the visit with Aaron, we thought we had our minds made up to go with another company but would still listen to what he had to say. Aaron was even more thorough than Jeff and took an even closer look at our problem. By this time, we were “armed” with a lot of information and were able to ask more pointed questions compared to our first visit with Keystone. As Aaron answered each of our questions with fundamentally sound explanations, our minds began to change, and we quickly realized that Keystone WAS the company we needed. The day of the installation, the crew arrived as anticipated. They carried out the work and cleaned up exactly as we were told they would. Anticipating a lot of dust, we prepared the house the evening prior to their arrival, but it really was not needed. The system used by Keystone captured most of the dust and surprisingly, there was very little to clean up. We have had the system approximately one week at the time this review was written. I plan to update it periodically to let readers know how the system performs over time. I encourage readers of this review to read several others. You will notice (and this impressed me) that someone from Keystone is reading the reviews and responding to them. And even the reviews that are less than stellar (because let’s face it…things happen and there will always be people that are NEVER happy) are used to try to make things right and that is what matters.

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