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Jeff was very knowledgeable, and he explained everything in a way that completely changed my misconceptions about french drains. After a talk with him, and going over our options, we settled on a plan that would have our basement dry, finally! The work was done over two days, and we had no problems with dust. They did a great job on everything, and even though it was a bit expensive, it was worth every penny to know that water won't be running into our basement like streams every time it rains. We went from a mold-filled basement which was un-usable, and constantly wet, to a beautiful basement that I can safely and confidently store my things, and my wife can do the laundry without putting on rain boots! Do yourself a favor, don't skimp on your house. You might get a lower quote from someone else, but they're doing to do a slap-dash job, and you'll regret it. Highly recommended!!

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