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We started getting water into our finished basement during the 2018 storms in Pittsburgh. We had just bought our home with a finished basement. We had to rip half of our basement out. We did a lot of research and had a lot of companies through to assess the situation and give us an estimate. Keystone was not the cheapest, but their installation schedule was accommodating, their products/warranties sounded good, and I liked the fact that they come every 5 years to do a free drain inspection and clean (I really hope they continue to live up to that deal—we’ll see in 4 years). I also liked that they don’t subcontract (what they told us). So far things have been going well in terms of a dry basement (knock on wood!). Originally, we had water coming in through the bottom seams of our walls and up through cracks in the floor (ground water). There were a few hiccups during installation that were more centered around communication issues (the crew should have communicated that part of our home’s footer was being removed to accommodate the internal drain). But the issue was resolved quickly (when we noticed this was happening, we stopped it because we didn’t feel comfortable...and came up with another drain plan—basically, ended up with two systems instead of one). A couple weeks after installation, our main pump failed, but the backup pump did it’s job until Keystone was able to come back to fix. They came back about a month later and re-installed a new main pump. Since then, no problems (again, knock on wood). Even though the main pump failure made me nervous, it was good to see that the backup pump was doing it’s job efficiently. Having water in our basement was more stressful, emotional (and expensive) than I ever imagined. We were able to take out a 18-month no-interest credit card thorough our bank to help make monthly payments without interest penalty, which was nice. If this system CONTINUES to do what Keystone said it will do then I will give 5 stars instead of 4, and the Keystone crew will truly be my basement heroes.

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