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I’ve had several jobs done by keystone and happy with them all .. this is the first time I’ve had to deal with them on a warranty repair .. To me this is the real test of a company cause anymore no one stands behind their warranty anymore. It’s something that makes me crazy angry when dealing with a company that promises the world and doesn't . In this case keystone did indeed stand behind their warranty no questions asked.. it wasn’t seamless, it took some back and forth over 3 days but in the end they sent a guy out and they swapped out the failed pump no questions no charges .. Thats how warranty repair should be handled .. Not this crap I see from HVAC companies and such where they then tell you parts are covered but labor is still charged and they charge you such high rates you basically just paid for the warranty parts too - lol Keystone came out and replaced the entire pump , put a brand new one in and no charge for anything !! Yes how warranties should be !!! Thanks Renee, Barry, and Brian

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