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Unfortunately due to hurricane Ida, my sump pump system could not keep up and died. Understandably the system was close to nine years old. Thank God the back up battery sump pump system continued to work! I did not get one drop of water in my basement! Barry, Keystones service man came out this morning to repair the sump pump. He was extremely nice, knowledgeable, funny and went above and beyond to help me out. There was some obscure pipe that did ooze a little bit of water and I told him about it. Out of the kindness of Barry’s heart he went outside and assessed the situation for me. Barry re-cemented the pipe on the wall to help with the using, went outside and showed me what the problem is. Unfortunately I need to get a plumber out here but… At least I know now what the problem is. Barry did not need to go above and beyond, but he did and I appreciate that!

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