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Solving water problem in basement

Was satisfied with all parts of the process. Brian gave good explanations for his recommendations. The price was in my budget. Tony and his crew did a good job and finished faster than I expected.

Jeff Paul review

Jeff Paul was very professional and well versed in explaining the process needed to complete the task at hand. He had great ideas and was very helpful in letting us know the process and payment options. Would definitely recommend his opinion to others looking for the same kind of service for waterproofing.

Great work

Our 2 workers did an amazing job and finished so quickly. If we had a similar problem we would definitely use them again. Very informative and friendly.


Jeff Paul and Mike Delguyd did a home inspection for an aging french drain system as well as some mold issues. Their knowledge and professionalism is unmatched.

Brian McWhirter

Brian came to my home today to give me an estimate on my basement wall repair. He is very kind and very professional. Everything was explained to me step by step and Brian wanted to make sure I understood everything. A huge weight was lifted off my shoulder knowing Keystone would be able to help me without going broke. It’s unbelievable that I reached out to Keystone on Sunday and everything was taken care of the following day. A big thank you to Brian and Keystone.

Taylor stoops waterproofing expert

Taylor was very thorough and professional. We would highly recommend


Asked for inspection of foundation issue. Taylor honestly told me a mason would be a better and cheaper option to address the issue. Great guys, honest, and I highly recommend them.

Pump Spy Installation

I would like to thank Ron and Barry for their work in installing the pump spy and piping system, as well as assisting me with water pressure floor crack cleanup. Rhonda does a good job with customer service.


Taylor showed up and showed out on his presentation at my home last night.... He is so knowledgeable in this field!!! He made me feel so comfortable in my home.... it felt like he was a guest!!!! I would definitely recommend Keystone for all your basement system needs!!! Trust you will be blown away by the expertise that Taylor brings... Keep up the good work and loyalty you have for Keystone Taylor ... he definitely shows and proves !!!

Great experience tonight!

Brian and Mike came to my house tonight and spent almost 2 hours with me! I felt super comfortable as they were super friendly and very easy to talk to. They reviewed the solution to my damp, musty, and moldy garage, made sure I understood everything, asked me if I had any questions multiple times, and showed me how their system is superior to others. They talked a lot about their company and it showed how much they loved their jobs. In addition, Brian made me realize how the water draining from my pump would be a great watering source for my plants! In the end, they offered me a great price and I signed up with them!


The number one complaint about contractors is the customer not getting what they thought they were… There was a difference in expectations…

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