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Wexford Foundation Repair

Your foundation can quite literally make or break your home. A damaged, unlevel foundation causes uneven strain on the rest of your home’s structure, leading to cracked walls and a dangerous infrastructure. Investing in basement foundation repair immediately can save you money and your home.

At Keystone Basement Systems, we are a foundation repair contractor that has been helping homeowners improve their homes for nearly two decades. We specialize in Wexford foundation repair services and have even earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau due to our consistent quality.

We help with:

  • Foundation Leveling
  • Foundation Replacement
  • Foundation Stabilization

Foundation Leveling by Award-Winning Experts

While it’s expected that the foundation of your home will settle over the years, major shifts in your foundation can be cause for concern. Homeowners with foundation issues often note problems like:

  • Sloping Floors
  • Gapped Floors
  • Doors and Windows Not Shutting
  • Pools of Water in the Basement
  • Walls Tilting Inward at the Top

If you notice these conditions, you should consult a basement specialist, as you may need foundation leveling services. Our certified structural repair specialists are trained to use equipment like steel I-beams and carbon fiber straps to level out your floor.

Top-Tier Foundation Replacement

Sometimes, a foundation may be severely damaged enough to warrant a full foundation replacement. After our thorough, 68-point foundation diagnostic inspection, our trained team may recommend your foundation be replaced.

If so, we will use the highest safety protocols to perform the job. Homeowners can be assured that we will build a temporary framework to fully support your home while we are replacing the foundation. We’ll even take care of the logistics like securing permits to ensure our work is in compliance with local codes. Our post-project inspection ensures that every section of your foundation meets both our and your expectations.

Foundation Stabilization by Certified Specialists

Sometimes, your home may require foundation stabilization services. This situation results from soil instability caused by factors like major snow or rainfall. Our company can help address this problem before it worsens.

We’ll use industry-standard strategies to stabilize your foundation, including:

  • Carbon Fiber Straps
  • Wall Anchors
  • Steel Support Beams

Together, these forms of assistance provide additional support for your foundation, helping to prevent subsequent damage to the rest of your home.

Grab a Free Quote for Your Foundation Repair

Waiting too long to address home repairs can be risky. Contact skilled foundation repair technicians today at Keystone Basement Systems. We’ve been helping homeowners save their homes from irreversible damage since 2003. Reach out to us to schedule a free inspection for your Wexford home. We’ll even provide you with a no-cost quote to get started on your home project!