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Thompsonville Basement Waterproofing

Moisture or outright water intrusion into the basement is a frustrating and concerning thing to deal with as a homeowner. Thankfully, you can get help from a qualified basement waterproofing company in Pennsylvania.

At Keystone Basement Systems, we offer basement waterproofing systems that keep your home dry and safe from further damage. Our Thompsonville waterproofing contractors can assess your foundation and determine the cause of the moisture penetration. We’ll also be able to apply an effective and long-lasting basement waterproofing system to stop it from happening again.

Allow our A+ rated, BBB-accredited company to help with:

  • Basement Wall Waterproofing
  • Basement Floor Waterproofing
  • Exterior Waterproofing

Our Certified Waterproofing Contractors in Thompsonville Take Care of Your Foundation Walls

Most often water can enter the basement through the foundation walls. If your home is older, it’s likely that the exterior waterproofing has started to fail, which allows moisture to seep through the concrete. We can provide interior waterproofing that helps keep moisture from damaging your basement, whether it be through installing an effective seal or providing a French drain installation.

Our Floor Waterproofing Services Provides an Effective Seal Against Moisture

Are you also seeing water seep up from the floors? We can also provide effective seals to keep your floors dry. Whether it is a lot of water or a little basement moisture, our team uses industry-leading products and techniques to create a waterproof barrier that lasts. Plus, we offer a 5-year maintenance program to keep an eye on your basement floors and walls for potential moisture penetration.

We’ll Do the Dirty Work Involved in Exterior Waterproofing of Your Basement

Keystone Basement Systems is also one of the few certified waterproofing contractors that offers exterior waterproofing services. Our company provides tailored services for homeowners. We’ll work with you to arrange a plan for digging out your foundation, installing the waterproofing system, and restoring the landscaping. While more involved, the process of exterior waterproofing can provide maximum protection against water damage and penetration.

For More Information About Stopping Basement Moisture in Thompsonville

When you start seeing water in the basement, it’s time to take action! Keep your basement dry and safe to use with our comprehensive basement waterproofing systems.

If you are thinking about any of our other services, Keystone Basement Systems can also help out with a free inspection and estimate for work. Ask us about:

  • Foundation Repair
  • Floor Leveling
  • Waterproofing

To get started with a free consultation in Thompsonville, give us a call. For more about an estimate on any of our services, fill in our online form.