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Shadyside Floor Leveling

It’s annoying to feel the floor dip underfoot as you walk across a room. You may even feel like you’re in a funhouse! While many homeowners with older properties have these uneven floors, they don’t have to live with them.

You can get even floors back with the repair and restoration services of Keystone Basement Systems. We’re a floor leveling company that has more than 15 years of experience in this area.

We highly recommend having a floor leveling contractor check out your home if you have any uneven spots. It could be a sign that your joists are damaged and need repair. Don’t worry, our local Shadyside floor leveling services are swift and effective!

Your Premier Shadyside Floor Leveling Company

The process of leveling your floors starts with a 68-point foundation inspection. Often, floors begin sagging and bending as a home foundation sinks. Our Shadyside floor leveling contractors will assess the foundation and building structure to determine if there are any major issues. Our contractors also determine the severity of the tilt and what is necessary to restore the floor.

Here are some of the methods our Shadyside floor leveling company uses to restore uneven floors:

  • Lifting Joists: If your foundation is in good condition, we may be able to lift the floor joists to level the upper floors.
  • Repairing Joists: If the joists are damaged, but still fixable we can make joist repairs to strengthen them and level the floors.
  • Replacing Joists: Lastly, heavily rotted and cracked joists can be replaced with fresh wood or steel beams to restore your floors.

Find Out More About Repairing and Raising Joists in Shadyside

Rather than continue stepping gingerly around those uneven spots, reach out to the experts about repairing and raising the joists in your home. As an established Shadyside remodeler, Keystone Basement Systems has enough skill and resources to make replacing joists a cinch!

Give us a call for more information on floor leveling in Shadyside. Or fill out our quick quote form to begin the process right away.