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The number one complaint about contractors is the customer not getting what they thought they were… There was a difference in expectations… the typical overpromise/underdeliver scenario used to simply make a sale. Every customer who falls into this area had signed a contract thinking they were getting more.

This is why the Keystone Advantage puts us far and above all the other companies out there.

  1. Detailed Estimates - We don’t simply write a handwritten quote with ambiguous terminology. We actually give the customer a full contract detailing the brands, model numbers and planned utilization for each product. In this contract the customer has the ability to read our warranty, our inspection program and the fine details of each component of the planned solution.  Other companies who hide their products and processes in the shadows are not being truthful to themselves or the customer and their practices even break the law.
  2. Small Deposits - We are a successful company, besides a small good faith deposit to hold an installation date, the customer gets to keep their money, and in turn, their leverage. We would rather the customer not feel stressed and we want the customer to retain confidence throughout the entire process.
  3. Pre-Inspections - We want to guarantee the customer gets EXACTLY what was promised. We are one of the select few, if not the only, company who will return the salesperson to the site the day of installation. We will be there to walk the crew and homeowner through what exactly is going to occur. Armed with the contract and work order, we want to ensure the job progresses with everyone on the same page, expectations are managed, and the job goes EXACTLY as promised.
  4. Post-Project Walk Through - At the end of a project, the crew foreman will personally review with the homeowner the work that was completed, that the work was done in compliance with what is on the contract as well as what was discussed at the pre-inspection. Only after these processes are complete do we ask for complete payment. Again, keeping the confidence of the customer and providing them with the peace of mind in maintaining control and leverage.
  5. Pain Point - We want to stop the customer’s pain point once and for all. We want to provide a solution, not just “make a sale” If we do everything we say we would the customer will have the utmost confidence, if not, they don’t pay us.
  6. Confidence - A lot of companies have questionable tactics to get a sale, We create comfortability, accountability, and build trust to ensure the customer gets what they paid for. We have additional services to enhance our professionalism and dedication to providing a solution to the customer’s problems.

    • Post Project Engineer Report - 3rd party, licensed engineer is ready to inspect and build a stamped report regarding the work we completed. This truly gives the customer a valuable asset in knowing the premier level of service we provided to them. A very inexpensive product, completed within 90 days of project completion puts Keystone above reproach in quality and standards.
    • 5 Year Maintenance - A true 5 year maintenance program can only be operated by a full service company like Keystone. Fully staffed with personnel able to perform the work on a daily basis. Recently more companies are using this as a verbal tactic to make a sale (see top paragraph) but the truth is, they don’t actually do the work necessary to administer such actions like Keystone does such as building in clean outs into their systems, or training and maintaining staff to do the service.

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