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Pittsburgh Foundation Stabilization

Hairline cracks and leaning walls are some of the signs that your Pittsburgh home may need foundation stabilization services. If your house is under stress, it’s important to act quickly to prevent further damage. Since 2003, Keystone Basement Systems has provided expert foundation repair services for homeowners, along with peace of mind that their homes are once again resting on a sure foundation.

Our commitment to quality service has earned us accreditation from the Better Business Bureau, many industry awards, and a reputation as the trusted choice for quality, fairly priced foundation stabilization services.

Effective Basement Foundation Stabilization Methods

Without a secure foundation, your home is not stable. Over time, shifting soil caused by excess water, snow, and other factors can compromise the structural integrity of your foundation. Unless a home foundation repair expert intervenes, the damage can become worse over time.

Keystone Basement Systems uses several methods of basement foundation stabilization to provide the support your home needs.

  • Carbon Fiber Straps
    Carbon fiber straps are attached to the framework of your home to provide support to the areas of your house that are under pressure. We use Rhino carbon fiber straps which offer the strongest weight-to-strength ratio in the industry. We utilize this method for minor cracks and minimal bowing (less than 2”) of basement walls. We also use carbon fiber straps along with other repair methods as a means of providing additional support.
  • Wall Anchors
    If your home needs more support than what carbon fiber straps alone can provide, wall anchors may be a viable option for a home foundation repair. If your walls have bowed more than 2”, this is one of the least invasive methods of repair. Before installing the wall anchors, we need to determine the cause of the shifting soil. Once that’s done, we install galvanized metal anchors into stable soil. Wall plates are attached to the parts of the wall showing damage and then connected to the anchors via steel rods.
  • Steel Support Beams
    When there is severe damage, we may be able to avoid the need to replace the foundation by installing steel support beams instead. We may need to dig and push your basement walls in order to straighten them before installing the beams. If this method is the best for your home, the I-beams will be custom-cut based on detailed measurements. The top of the beam will be attached to support joists and the bottom to the footing of the home’s foundation.

Learn More About Our Pittsburgh Foundation Repair Services

Your foundation repair will only work for the long term if the cause of the defect is identified and addressed. Our free 68-point inspection will help us to detect any issues and prevent further damage to your home. Call Keystone Basement Systems today, or fill out our simple online form now to request a free consultation and estimate.