Your home’s foundation is a crucial element that affects the overall condition of your property. Minor problems with the foundation can lead to severe damage that is costly to repair if left unaddressed. With this, it is important to keep an eye on the warning signs of foundation damage.

If you see buckling walls, cracks, signs of water intrusion, white powder on the walls of your basement, as well as signs of mold and mildew, it may be time for you to consider requesting Pittsburgh foundation repair services that are most suitable to your needs.

However, before you contact your trusted Pittsburgh foundation repair expert, it is good to have a thorough understanding of the services. In this article, our experts at Keystone Basement Systems will discuss the different benefits and features of the most common types of Pittsburgh foundation repairs.

What is Foundation


If you notice hairline cracks on your walls or your home’s walls seem to be leaning over, it is likely that your home needs foundation stabilization. There are many different methods of stabilizing the foundation, including:

  • Carbon Fiber Straps: Carbon fiber straps may be attached to the framework of your home to strengthen support, especially in areas under pressure. Reliable companies offer products with the strongest weight-to-strength ratio to ensure effectiveness. This method is recommended for minor cracks and less than 2 inches of bowing of walls.
  • Wall Anchors: If carbon fiber straps aren’t enough or your walls have bowed over 2 inches, wall anchors may be a more suitable option. The process involves the installation of galvanized metal anchors in stable soil, and the attachment of wall plates on affected areas of the wall, which will then be connected to the metal anchors via steel rods.
  • Steel Support Beams: For severe damages, steel support beams are the ideal option. This involves digging and pushing your walls to straighten them out before the steel support beams are installed. The I-beams should be custom-cut based on your home’s measurements.

What is Foundation


Foundation replacement is only recommended if the structural integrity of your home has been severely damaged and there are no less-invasive solutions can fix the problem. This process involves permit acquisitions from utility companies and building inspectors, deep excavation, rebuilding of the foundation, waterproofing solutions, and final inspection to ensure that the home is structurally sound and building codes compliant once again.

What is Leveling

& Piering?

Over the years, your entire home experiences natural wear and tear, and the foundation is not an exemption. If your home has experienced excessive ground moisture exposure due to heavy rainfall, poor drainage or lack of efficient gutter systems, and melting of snow, foundation shifts may occur.

  • Some of the signs that you need leveling and piering services include:
  • Diagonal cracks near the corners of the foundation
  • Flooring gaps
  • Cracks in the walls
  • Sticky doors and windows
  • Water accumulating in the basement
  • Weakened basement support

The Most Trusted Pittsburgh

Foundation Repair Company

If you are looking for the most preferred Pittsburgh foundation repair company for your basement repair needs, contact us at Keystone Basement Systems today. Our highly trained experts will ensure that your home is protected and can withstand the test of time and other environmental factors with superior quality basement services.

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