pittsburgh basement finishing

For many homeowners in Pittsburgh, a basement is a dark, damp area that gets little to no attention on a daily basis. But imagine how much more you’d enjoy your basement if it could be counted as part of your total living space—either providing much needed storage (so you can finally remove the clutter from your closets), or allowing extra space for you to spread out and relax.

For homeowners in Pittsburgh, basement finishing is a smart investment that can transform a drab basement into something functional—or even better—something truly enjoyable for you and your whole family.

Looking for ideas for basement finishing in Pittsburgh? Here are some frequent requests that we see for homeowners seeking to improve their lower-level space and add function and convenience:

1. Extra Bathrooms. An added bathroom always comes in handy, especially in the morning when there’s high competition for the shower. A bathroom in the basement is also convenient when guests come to stay, or when you need a convenient pit stop.

2. Extra Bedrooms. Outfitting your basement with an extra bedroom is always a good idea, not just for function, but for increasing property values. You’ll almost certainly see a return on your investment here!

3. Family Rooms. A basement family room is a great place to watch movies, hang out with guests, or simply have a place to go for a personal Netflix binge session.  Plus, since this room is away from the main living space upstairs, it’s less likely you’ll disturb other family members when you spend time there.

4. Additional Kitchens. A second kitchen in your home gives you many options, especially for high-traffic holidays such as Thanksgiving. You can customize your space with whichever appliances and cabinets you want, allowing for options you may not have in your primary kitchen.

5. Home Theaters. It’s hard to resist the allure of a home theater, which gives any home a feeling of luxury and modernity. Impress friends and neighbors with a sleek lower-level space specifically designed for entertainment and leisure.

Regardless of which Pittsburgh basement finishing project you choose, it’s important to ensure no moisture can seep into your basement. Waterproofing services tackle this by creating an impermeable barrier on your basement floor, so the area is fully protected from damage, mold, and mildew. Whether you only occasionally use your finished basement for storage or whether it’s a treasured family hangout, you’ll be able to rest assured your investment is protected.

Inspired to dream up a unique way to make better use of your Pittsburgh basement? The trusted experts at Keystone Basement Systems have years of experience with basement finishing projects, and their advanced basement waterproofing options help keep your basement floors dry. Contact us today for an in-home, no obligation quote. Just take a minute to give us a call or fill out the quick and easy online form.